Pastor's Column, April 26, 2015

     Brady Wilson will be making his First Holy Communion during the 10am Mass this weekend. We congratulate him and remind you that the 2nd grade class will be making their First Holy Communion next Saturday, May 2nd, during the 4pm Mass. May these children who receive Jesus into their bodies also receive him into their hearts.

    Though we published our Spring Newsletter, the News & Views, a few weeks back, you will be receiving a “special edition” newsletter in the coming weeks. As I mentioned previously in this column, I wanted to write a “State of the Parish” article where I could offer my viewpoints on a handful of issues concerning our parish now that I have been here close to a year & a half. I address issues like the past & present size of the parish, our financial goals, the ministries we offer, our school, and our Mass schedule. I hope you find it to be a hopeful look into where we can direct the parish in the coming months & years. It is meant to encourage a discussion of these (and any other topics) amongst your fellow parishioners. We also have a new Parish Council which meets once a month where we discuss our vision for the parish. Our mission, our work, as the faith community of St. Leo the Great, is the same mission & work of the larger Church given it by Jesus…to proclaim the Gospel and to build up the Kingdom of God on earth. So we must always ask questions like: how are we doing in fulfilling that mission? Are we drawing in people who are unchurched? Are we ourselves growing in our faith? Are we reaching out to the young & to the old, to the healthy & to the sick? Are we being spiritually nourished and challenged to live out our faith? Many questions, many things for us to think about & talk about. 

    In case you missed it, there are pictures from Holy Week & the Easter Vigil on our website (also available in our mobile app) and a lot of other information as well. You can always find our recent bulletins there as well as our News & Views Newsletters. We also post the obituaries of those from our parish who have died and whose funeral Mass is being celebrated here. There are many ways to communicate with us through our website & mobile app. Many people have already reached out to us through our online presence. You can always find the most updated information there so be sure to visit us there often.