Happy 90th Birthday Fr. James Vesely - May God Bless You!

We thank God for giving you knowledge and wisdom of understanding. Your sermons are so touching and have inspired many us in the church to always strive hard to do the will of God no matter how little. Fr. Vesely, as you mark your 90th birthday, we wish you good health, happiness, and lots of beautiful things in this world and hereafter.

We welcome Father Vesely as he celebrates the 4pm Mass this weekend and as we offer our birthday greetings to him on his 90th birthday. Fr. Vesely gave us a number of relics (small pieces of bone or flesh taken from the bodies of saints) and we have placed them in wooden cabinets which hang to the right of the Sacred Heart Statue and to the left of the St. Anne with Mary statue in the back of the church. We are blessed to have them as reminders of those men & women whose saintly lives give us inspiration. Please be sure to thank Fr. Vesely for the gift of these relics. He will join Deacon Pat & I as we bless throats in honor of St. Blaise after the 4pm Mass on Saturday (Deacon Pat & I will offer the throat blessing after the Sunday Masses as well).