Homily Thoughts for April 26, 2015…To Force or to Persuade

There are two ways of motivating people: one is by force, the other by persuasion. With force, you push people from behind. With persuasion, you lead them from in front. There is a need for both of these. The courts need to use force to protect society. If speed limits were just a suggestion, the roads wouldn’t be safe to drive on. If taxes were voluntary, our governments wouldn’t be able to operate. 

But there is room for another way. Some things just can’t be forced. You can’t force a rebellious teenager to love or respect you…that has to come about through another method, another approach. Jesus used the way of example: “I freely lay down my life for you.” He voluntarily gave his life to us & depend on that to win us to himself.

Sometimes Jesus would push people, but most of the time, he got in front of people & invited them. “Come, follow me.” When we want to help someone change, do we push them or invite them? Do we use force or persuasion? Jesus has given us the great example.