Pastor's Blog for January 6, 2019

I anointed Dan Pisaneschi just a couple of days before he died on December 26th. We extend our sympathies to his wife Sandy and to his 3 children. While I was visiting Dan in his home, his children gave 3 pictures to their parents which were taken just a few weeks earlier by a professional photographer. One was a picture of Dan & Sandy, one was of their grandchildren, and the 3rd was a picture of the whole family with in-laws, etc. Those pictures will capture forever the love and joy that Dan & Sandy brought to each other and to so many others. May he rest in God’s peace.

We also celebrated the funeral of Diane Soler who was a longtime parishioner of St. Leo’s. I remember visiting her a couple of years ago when she was recovering from a fractured hip at Broadview Multicare. She was a regular at the 4pm Saturday Mass & I’m grateful to her sister Kathy for keeping me informed regarding her whereabouts and giving me updates on her health. I saw her in her home a couple of days before she died and she received the last rites of the Church. She offered her dialysis for the poor souls in purgatory so we can now offer our prayers for her that she may rest in the kingdom of heaven.

Congratulations to Gillian Halusker & Patrick Cooley as they are married in our church this weekend. May they be blessed with many years of happiness together.

After the 4pm Mass on Christmas Eve I could feel a certain strain in my voice but I enjoyed visiting with friends after that Mass. But then just minutes before the 10pm Mass on Christmas Eve, I heard Mickey Stitt playing a Christmas song on the organ that I liked so I started to sing along and nothing came out except squeaks & squeals. I knew immediately something was wrong: I got laryngitis right before the 10pm Christmas Mass! I couldn’t even preach (much to the delight of the congregation I’m sure) and as the Christmas song “The First Noel” says, “and so it continued both day and night”. But again, nothing happens by coincidence with God so again we were blessed by the presence of Deacon Pat who preached at the 11am Christmas morning Mass & then at the funeral I had a few days later and at the following weekend Masses as well. I finally got my voice back on New Year’s Day, just in time for the new year. So thanks to Deacon Pat for his generous availability & help when I was struck mute.

I told you that I was praying for a white Christmas when everyone else was praying for the weather we actually got. So you may be hesitant to ask me for prayers but I know I can depend on you for yours and thank you for your words of concern & for the pledge of your prayers. I should know more about the surgery by this weekend & will keep you in- formed. Mary, Undoer of Knots, pray for us.