Pastor's Column for June 3, 2018

I will not be with you this weekend. Our family has this tradition of going to Vegas when a niece or nephew turns 21 and so there was a trip planned for this past week. My sister in Florida asked me if I wanted to go to Vegas with them or to dog sit for her in Florida. I’ve been to Vegas enough times to know the odds...that you’ll come back with less money than you brought there, so I chose dog sitting. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make so that my family can enjoy their trip out west. I’ll put up with the heat, the loneliness of being in the pool by myself, and the boring days of doing nothing but eat- ing and reading a good book.

We are extremely grateful for a very generous donation given to us by a parishioner named Georgianne Mroczka. Sadly Georgianne passed away back in November and her funeral Mass was celebrated here at St. Leo’s. Georgianne’s generous donation has enabled us to welcome three new people to our staff, (Deacon Pat & Joan Berigan and Nathan Noga) and they will have a direct impact on the lives of the parishioners through their ministry here. I think Georgianne would be happy about that. Here are just some of the words that her sister Christine Woodland used to describe her: “The most important part of her life would be to spend time with family and friends. She would drive great distances alone to be with family for special occasions or just to be there for you. She went to great lengths to keep a very detailed family history that she updated and shared on a regular basis. She was the organizer of monthly luncheons with the people that she had worked with in the past. She always had a positive attitude and was very generous. She would listen wholeheartedly to her family and friends and would be there to support them in any way she could. She was never judgmental. She looked for the best in people and would take their problems and stories to heart. She would write notes and letters to nieces and nephews to encourage them in their goals and take the time to listen and encourage them to go on. She was quick to remind you of your good qualities and character. She was always interested in whatever you were doing. She would keep you up to the wee hours of the morning just talking. There were so many times when talking and remembering old times would have you laugh so hard you would have happy tears running down your face. And that was probably one of my best memories of her....... laugh until you cry those happy tears.” May God reward her for her generosity to us and for her great love of others.

Our sympathies to Tom Richlovsky on the death of his father, Simon, who was 97 years old, and was buried in his parish of St. Charles in Parma. God’s peace be with him