Pastor's Column, July 2, 2017

Last Saturday we offered a Memorial Mass for Paul Potosky, a parishioner who would help us during our Parish Festivals. We extend our sympathy to his family and pray that he may find eternal rest.

This Tuesday is July 4th and so the rectory office will be closed but the church will be open for 9am Mass that morning. Please join us as we give thanks to God for our national blessings and pray for our national needs.

A parishioner suggested I look into the possibility of getting cushions for the pews that are reserved for the hand- icapped. I did find that putting a pew-long cushion was very easy to do as it just rests on the seat of the pew. However it was also suggested that some people may not find it helpful as it prevents them from sliding forward on the pew in order to stand up. It’s another one of those things where some may find it helpful and others may not. So if you sit in one of the front pews on either side of the church, please let me know if you are in favor of or against this cushy for your tushy. In my last parish, I was told that the founding pastor did not win the favor of the parish when he was asked if they could put cushions on the pews. He suggested (at the pulpit) that he thought the women had enough padding on them that they were not in need of anything more on the plain, wooden pews. Due to the drop in the collection that Sunday, they wouldn’t have been able to afford them any- way!

Here’s a quote that is timely for the 4th of July. In the journal or diary of King George of England on July 4th, 1776, it was written: “Nothing interesting or important happened today.” Of course he was trying to downplay the significance of the signing of the Constitution. But we know over 200 years later just how interesting & important that day was, not only for the people of the United States but for the whole world. How easily we can pretend to be blind from the things that happen in our world. So let us all be sure to be acutely aware of God’s many blessings to us this summer...the beauty of nature, the warmth of the sun, the light of these long days, and the opportunities to be with family & friends. Go to Cedar Point (as the parish staff just did). Go fishing. Take a ride to the park on Sunday. Have a picnic. Use the freedom we have been given to bless our Creator and to use well the time he has given us to enjoy what he has made.