Homily...How Jesus Prayed

92% of Americans believe in God (according to a poll in 2008). But that doesn't mean that 92% of Americans have faith. Faith implies a relationship, and relationships can exist only through communication. In the case of faith, our relationship with God depends upon prayer. 

Jesus taught us how to pray. We call it "The Lord's Prayer." But Jesus also taught us how to pray as we see how he prayed himself. He praised God in prayer "I give praise to you, O God of heaven & earth, for what you have kept from the learned & the clever, you have revealed to the childlike." He gave thanks in prayer, as he took bread & wine at the Last Supper. Jesus prayed from the heart. In the garden of Gethsemane, he wrestled with doing the will of God but not wanting to suffer the cross. And on the cross, he asked why God abandoned him. 

It's good for us to ask God for what we need and want in prayer. Jesus taught us to do that. But how often do we pray as Jesus did...from the heart? Praying in this way makes our relationship with God more personal. Don't just raise your mind to God. Raise your heart as well.