Pastor's Column

The Knights of Columbus will be joining us for the Noon Mass this weekend. Since this is also the last Sunday of the month, we will be having coffee and donuts after each Sunday Mass so you can have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about their fraternal organization. The Knights of Columbus are generous to the parish and have been faithful members of the Catholic Church for many years. We are happy to have them join us for our Sunday worship.

Last Tuesday I concelebrated the Mass of Christian Burial for Marie Masters, which took place at St. Basil the Great in Brecksville, which she has had a connection to for many years. Marie was the first parishioner of St. Leo's that I spoke to. While I was still in West Salem, she called me to invite me to the St. Leo's Seniors Christmas Party which was held at Holy Spirit Byzantine hall. Never one to turn down a meal, I accepted and then met many more of St. Leo's parishioners. I was sad when Marie told me a few short months ago that she was battling cancer. But she did so bravely and with the faith that she's always had in God. She received the last sacraments shortly before she died and was ready to meet the Lord. May she pray for us that we may join her in his praise.

We had a funeral service for Andrew Solek on Friday, June 10th. He was 91 and lived alone after his wife Dea passed away. He had a daughter, Andrea, and was the grandfather of two children. May he and all the faithful departed rest in peace.

We have been preparing to try something new here at St. Leo's which has worked well in many other parishes. We are bringing an information desk to our church vestibule where you can find one of our receptionists after the weekend Masses. We will let you know through the bulletin & in a Mass announcement when it will be available to you. We will publish in the bulletin the information you can find there and the kinds of services we can offer you, such as the sale of our most popular gift cards. We hope to bring the rectory office to you for your convenience while you are in the church. Let us know if you find this helpful & what other information or services we can provide for you. We don't serve breakfast, lunch or dinner but we will continue to serve coffee & donuts the last Sunday of the month.

It's a good time to be a Clevelander. You see Believeland posted everywhere. Yes, we believe in the Cavs. We believe in God. Let us also believe that God wants us to have a victory in every aspect of our life. Believe it!