Pastor's Column

      I just noticed two spelling errors from my column in the December 4th bulletin. I spelled convalescence and recuperating wrong. To be honest, I think I spelled them correctly but then my computer spelled them wrong just to make a fool out of me. Computers are suppose to correct our mistakes, not conspire to make us look stupid. Anyway, I noticed it today so I have the last laugh...that is, if computers are capable of laughing or of being laughed at.

    Here's something that really made me laugh: Abby the cat climbed my Christmas tree & knocked off an ornament that Michaela has been trying to get at (Michaela thinks every stuffed animal or ornament is her toy). It seems they are both conspiring against me too. We'll see who's really laughing when they get empty stockings this year. Yes, my dog & cat actually have stockings. What's the world coming to?

    So you can see that I'm really stalling here because I'm anxious to get to my Christmas message but that's not until next week's bulletin. But I do want to wish a Happy Birthday to some people who happen to share a birthday month with Jesus. The first is parishioner Mary Hillman who turned 103 this past week. She has seen a lot of Christmas's & hope that she has saved her stockings every year for Santa to fill. Another parishioner, Dorothy Day, celebrates her birthday on Saturday, December 24th. She missed it by one day. My stepmother also turned 97 this past week so she cooked a nice meal for herself and my dad. She's a good cook & I hope she'll be able to keep on cookin' for many years. Our Music Director, Mickey Stitt also has a birthday on Monday but I won't dare tell you her age. Let's just say she's under 103 and even 97. Finally, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, turns 80 this weekend on December 17th. I'm still trying to figure out what to get him. What do you get a Pope that has everything? There's one more birthday coming up soon but we'll keep that one a surprise. Just show up for the party here next Sunday. 

    Fr. Vesely & I will be hearing confessions this Friday, December 23rd at 11am since there will be no confessions of course next Saturday which is Christmas Eve. But one more reminder that Mass next Saturday, December 24th, will be at 4pm, 7pm & 10pm. Mass on Christmas Day will be at 10am & 12pm. There will be no 8am Mass on Christmas morning. 

    Please bring your friends & family with you to Mass next weekend as we celebrate the great feast of our Lord's birthday. As we sing, all are welcome in this place!