Pastor's Column

     We welcome 3 children into our Catholic Family this Sunday as we baptize Lenox Marrero, Cameron James Winland & Makenzi Miner. May their parents & godparents, who promise to raise them in the practice of the Faith, be given the grace to live out their own baptismal calling so that they may be faithful in bringing up their children in the same way. 

    Several people have already made a donation toward the school projects that Sister Erin, our new Principal, spoke of last weekend so we are very grateful to them for their financial support. If you didn’t get a chance to see the letter that Sister wrote the parish as she introduced herself and outlined her vision & goals for our parish school, you can read it online at our website ( It’s going to be an exciting new school year and you can just sense the enthusiasm of our faculty & staff (though you’ll notice I didn’t mention the children!) as they prepare to begin the year next week (Monday, August 31st). I want to welcome not only our new Principal but also our new Preschool Director, Sue Poultney, and our new teachers in the elementary school: Alexis Hipkins (1st grade), Megan Monroe (2nd grade), Theresa Kirby (4th grade), Evett Moynihan (7th grade) & Mary Corbo (kindergarten aid). They will be a great addition to our wonderful veteran faculty members (their pictures are also on our website). We are especially excited to welcome back Cherise Pacanovsky who was out last year on medical leave. She will bring back her wonderful disposition & energy to our Preschool. 

    We hope that you will consider joining us for our parish picnic that will take place after the Noon Mass this weekend. We provide free hamburgers & hot dogs and you are welcome to bring something to share (but not required). Last year we had a nice time sitting outside by the Parish Community Center just enjoying a good meal & each other’s company as we listened to music provided by a DJ. I also remember that it all ended rather abruptly when a storm came up & threatened to drench us all but gratefully we were able to wrap it up quickly. We could certainly use some rain but it’s up to Fr. Vesely to keep it away from our picnic. 

    Remember too that our parish festival is coming up in mid-October! But we need your help to make it financially successful & so ask you to pick up your envelope of raffle tickets in the vestibule of the church. If everyone the parish sold (or bought) just a few tickets, we could make an incredible profit but we need everyone to participate. If you help us out, we’ll give you a free Jack Frost donut next Sunday! So please be sure to pick up your tickets before or after Mass.