Pastor's Column, May 17, 2015

     Last weekend, your generosity produced over $2000 to aid those whose lives have been so sadly changed by the earthquake in Nepal. Thank you for recognizing in these people whom you will never see, the person of Christ who lives especially in the poor and downtrodden. 

    On May 5th I celebrated the Mass of Christian Burial for Frank Veverka who was a parishioner of St. Leo’s for many years. He would stand in the back of the church after Mass to talk to anyone and everyone as he so easily befriended people. He was generous & supportive of his parish & like all of us, had his favorite pew where he sat week after week. May the Lord, who in last week’s gospel, called us his friends, welcome this friendly man into his kingdom. 

    Last Tuesday I also had the funeral of George Malachin who was married to his wife Ruth for just shy of 40 years and who had 5 sons with her. He survived cancer for over 5 years through the help of chemotherapy. A beautiful rosary made out of red roses hung from the lid of his casket. We trust that Mary may indeed pray for us now and at the hour of our death. May these two men rest in peace. 

    I celebrated Mass with the PSR students, their teachers & parents a couple weeks ago. We are so indebted to the men & women who teach the faith to these children. I thanked them then and I want to thank them again here & ask you all to keep these children and their catechists in your prayers as they enjoy the summer months. 

    Congratulations to the parents of Annaleigh Combs who will be baptized this Sunday after the Noon Mass. May she carry the light of faith with her always and never let it be extinguished in her life. 

    Next Saturday, May 23rd, Father Rob Ramser will celebrate the 4pm Mass. Father Ramser was a student in our elementary school and I’d like to believe that the seed of his vocation was planted during that time as it was for me. Father Ramser will be ordained this weekend with 3 other men by Bishop Lennon at the Cathedral downtown. So we are happy to have him celebrate Mass for us a week later. Please be sure to congratulate him and offer him the support of your prayers. 

    We had a May Crowning this past Friday with the school children so this weekend you will notice the crown of flowers on the head of Mary’s statue to the left of the altar. We will offer a prayer asking that her image may inspire us to come to her who is our Mother.