Pastor's Column, February 8, 2015

     We received another quarterly check from the Catholic Community Foundation in the amount of $4155.00. This is 30% of the amount received in the last three months from the pledges of the people of St. Leo the Great. Thank you for your steadfast commitment in fulfilling your pledge. It is a great help to the parish. To date, we have received $88,858. Thanks to everyone who made that possible. 

    We also appreciate your continued support of our Great Sweepstakes Raffle and Gift Card Program. Every day we choose a winner who receives $100 from this Raffle, with larger winnings on certain special days of the year (like President’s Day which is a $200 prize and Easter which is a $1000 prize). The raffle tickets are on a full-page flyer on the tables in the church and the stub with a payment of $30 can be brought to the rectory office. You can win multiple times. The Gift Card program also allows us to sell many gift cards at face value while the church earns a certain percentage of each card purchased. We have a great variety available in the rectory office so please stop by to get what you need.

    One last note relating to finances…we have a Parish Finance Council which advises the Pastor on matters relating to the good stewardship of the parish’s funds. We meet at least quarterly and I’m grateful to the parishioners on our Council who use their experience & expertise as we discuss our financial situation which is always in service of our pastoral mission and ministry. Currently we are discussing investing a small percentage of our funds so that we can earn interest and let our money grow with minimal risk. We chose to participate in the Diocesan Investment Program since it has been successful working with many other parishes and is socially responsible in terms of what companies we are willing to invest with that do not conflict with our Catholic principles, morals or values. May we be good stewards of the material blessings God has given to this community. 

    We welcome Connor Kuczynski as a member of our Catholic Faith as he is baptized this weekend. We pray for him and for all who have received the waters of new life.

    On Monday our 2nd graders in the parish will be celebrating their First Penance in preparation for their First Holy Communion in May. Do you remember your first confession? Or maybe I should ask if you remember your last confession! Either way, let’s all do what our children will be doing: celebrate God’s forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.