Homily thoughts for September 28, 2014…Two sons, Two directions

We do not stay the same. We are always changing. So it is with faith. Either we are growing in faith or we are going backwards in faith. 

Jesus tells a parable about two sons. One is moving closer to God’s will, while the other is moving away from it. Each of is follow the direction of one of these two sons. In the spiritual life, unless you are moving forward, you are falling backward. 

It’s not enough that last month or last week or even yesterday I was thankful for God’s blessings or of service to my neighbor. I must be grateful today. I must be of service tomorrow. There are only two sons in the parable, not three. There is no son who just stands still. The two sons are both moving: one is moving toward God and the other away from God. In which direction are we moving today?