Welcome to the brand new St. Leo the Great Website.

Our modern tools for communication have changed dramatically since the introduction of the Internet. Communication between people, even across the world, is instant. Information about people and events is equally instantaneous. 

The Church has always been at the forefront of communication since our very mission is to spread the Word of the Gospel. We must therefore use every instrument at our disposal to bring the message of Christ to as many people as possible, whether here or abroad. 

To this end, we welcome you to the new website of St. Leo the Great Parish. Not only is our new home on the web modern and attractive, but easy to navigate to whatever information you may need or want about our parish. We also hope it will help us to communicate with you and will help you to reach out to us quickly and efficiently. We are committed to keep our site updated, fresh, and useful. 

Please be sure to also download our Parish's free mobile app for either iPhone or Android devices. You can find them here. (Need link)

Please feel free to offer us suggestions on what content you might find helpful through our website. And be sure to visit here often for the latest news about what's happening at St. Leo's.

God bless you,

Father James P. Schmitz, Pastor