Pastor's Column, October 12, 2014

Thanks to everyone who came for our Pet Blessing last Saturday. As predicted, Michaela & Abby were probably the most well behaved, but the other dogs, cats & guinea pigs (yes, we even had guinea pigs!) did pretty well themselves. You can see pictures of all the beloved creatures on our website & in our mobile app. Take a look at the Blessing Prayer that is there too…some nice words the Church provides which remind us of the wonders of God’s creation. 

Also on our website is a request from our St. Vincent de Paul Organization asking for your help. We are very low on a number of food and toiletry products and so call on your generosity to help us stack our shelves. Whatever you can do would be very much appreciated.

This past week we celebrated two funerals: one for John Kocab who served in the United States Marines and one for Mary Blum who had a great devotion to the rosary (we celebrated the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary this past week). Each of us, through service and through prayer, offer to God and to the Church whatever gifts we have been given. May Mary, whom we call our Holy Queen, show unto them the blessed fruit of her womb, Jesus. Please note again that we list the names of all those who are buried from our church on our website (and mobile app) with a link to their online obituary if available. 

Our own Father Vesely celebrated an anniversary of sorts last weekend. He has been here at St. Leo’s for 9 years as of last Saturday. He’s a great help to me and to the whole parish by his willingness to celebrate Mass and help with confessions, and his presence too is enjoyed by all. Michaela has taken quite a liking to him as she jumps in his lap to be scratched & petted (especially when I’m not around). So we hope he will be with us at least another 9 years and we look forward to celebrating his 60th anniversary of ordination in December. More details on that to come…

Our PSR students are back for their Monday evening sessions & it’s good to have them here learning more about our Catholic faith. My thanks especially to those who spend their time & effort as their catechists. They all do such a great job with the children and we are blessed to have them give witness to their own faith. May God bless all of our children & all who teach them.