Ohio Opportunity Scholarship Program seeks to expand parental choice

A new school choice proposal, Sen. Matt Huffman’s Opportunity Scholarship Program, seeks to help low and middle income families across Ohio to send their children to the school of their choice.

Under the proposal (SB85), each eligible student in grades K-8 would receive a scholarship up to $5,000.  Each eligible student in grades 9-12 would receive a scholarship up to $7,500. Scholarships would cover tuition and uniformly imposed fees.  Students could use the scholarship to attend any Catholic or other chartered nonpublic school in Ohio.

Students whose family income is less than 200 percent of federal poverty guidelines would qualify for the full scholarship. So would students who are grandfathered into the program by having received an EdChoice, EdChoice Expansion, or Cleveland (CSP) scholarship in the previous school year.  Siblings of these current scholarship recipients are grandfathered, as well.

Students with a family income above 200 percent of poverty but less than 400 percent of poverty would qualify for a partial scholarship.  The Opportunity Scholarship maxes out at 400 percent of poverty (@$98,000 for a family of four).