AM 1260 The Rock - Cleveland Catholic Radio

St. Peter the Rock Media is a lay apostolate that declares absolute faithfulness to the Holy Father and the Bishops. They are bound to accurately and fully transmit the Faith as proposed by the Teaching Authority of the Church. They bind their broadcasting message to the standard of Holy Scripture and Catechism of the Catholic Church, the vehicles Christ has given us for knowledge, content and clarity. This commitment shapes the service to the faithful in the diocese in which we serve as well as our obedience to our local bishop, and our assistance to local priests and religious.

They are committed to the conviction that their programming must be primarily catechetical, devotional, and inspirational.  They are dedicated to providing the highest quality Catholic programming that is upbeat, positive and inspires conversion of heart and a deepening of the faith, with humility, charity and respect, while offering an enriching message from our Catholic heritage for all believers and non-believers.

St. Peter the Rock Media seeks to connect and serve the people, parishes, schools, and lay apostolates within the communities we serve by spreading goodwill and providing the platform for sharing news, events, and stories that show how the Holy Spirit is working within our community.