Bishop Nelson Perez takes to Twitter to spread Gospel's Good News

Taking advantage of one of the world’s most popular modes of communication, Bishop Nelson Perez launched his new Twitter account December 1st by tweeting, “God is good!”  A second tweet asked his Twitter followers to think of and share examples of God’s goodness to them.

His Twitter handle is @BishopNPerez  and his list of followers continues to grow. Within minutes of his initial tweets, there were numerous retweets, responses and “likes.”

“Pope Francis reminds us in the ‘Joy of the Gospel’ that the Church must be relevant and involved, engaged and forward-reaching so to bring the Good News of Christ to all, and that includes connecting through modern and useful means of communications,” said Bishop Perez. “I look forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone and learning from their responses what others think.”

The bishop joins Pope Francis and a growing number of clergy who are connecting with others through social media.