Last chance to form your conscience before voting

Election Day is almost here.  After more than a year of intense campaigning, we will be voting for a new president on Nov. 8.  Also, we will be asked to make choices for other elected offices and on a variety of issues. As Catholics, we have an obligation to vote, according to the Catholic Catechism.  However, before voting, we are responsible for properly preparing our consciences.  In this contentious election year, we should focus on moral principles, the defense of life, needs of the weak and the pursuit of common good as we prepare to vote, according to the Ohio Catholic bishops.  They point out that constant prayer, understanding of Church teaching and discernment extends beyond the campaign rhetoric and partisan politics. In addition, the bishops of the United States developed a booklet, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship,” to help guide Catholics as they prepare to vote.