Pastor's Blog for August 4, 2019

Well our church roof has finally been replaced.Another big expense behind us. If you feel even the smallest drop of water while sitting in the church, please let me know before we send the final check. Our parking lot was just patched up as well so no more holes or cracks. Though we still have over a month before school starts (after Labor Day), our school is looking great after all the floors have been stripped & waxed and other improvements have been made such as a new floor in the Junior High hallway & new fire resistant doors have been installed. Your contributions to the Capital Improvements Fund continues to be a big help so thank you for allowing us to keep repairing and updating our parish property.

Next weekend we will have people in the church vesti-bule selling their beautiful religious items made out of olive wood from Bethlehem. They make great gifts and benefit the people of the Holy Land so be sure to take a look at what they offer.

We also have our Parish Picnic next Sunday, August11th, from Noon until 3pm. So if you attend the 11am Mass, you can take about 100 steps over to the shrine area behind the Parish Community Center & grab yourself a hotdog or hamburger (and they’re big, juice hamburgers!). If you wish to bring something to share that would be great but not required and of course the food is free. We just want to provide an opportunity to enjoy some good summer food and to visit with fellow parishioners. Music and refreshments are also provided. So we look forward to seeing you there.

I had to take both of my girls to the Vet this past week,and both for similar symptoms but different causes. Abby has a rash that has been deemed caused by “environmental aller- gies” and she needs to take an oral medicine every day for that, likely for the rest of her potentially long life. I do hope she lives many more years but a chronic condition of course requires a chronic depletion of funds out of my wallet. But I’d do it all again because our pets bring us much happiness (if you like pets, that is). Michaela also has a rash but it was caused by her recent grooming (due to no fault of the groom- er) and she too is on the mend. I have a coffee cup that says, “I work hard so that my dog will have a better life.” How true that is. Here are some cat puns that I saw recently: “Cat puns freak meowt. Seriously I’m not kitten.” Here’s another: “Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle? Too many chee- tahs.” A good one to keep in mind: “Petting a cat will leave you feline good.” OK just one more... “Not feline well? Maybe you need to call a purramedic.” You’ll be able to know who are pet lovers by whether they smile or roll their eyes when reading this...