Pastor's Blog for July 28, 2019

Did you know that we have a lost & found here at St. Leo’s? If you’ve lost something (other than your mind as we can’t help with that), it may be in a basket at the information desk in the vestibule of the church where a receptionist can help you with all sorts of things after each of our weekend Masses. We have an assortment of gloves, sunglasses, umbrellas & even keys. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, you may also want to check in our rectory office.

Joan Berigan meets with people prior to a funeral that isscheduled in order to assist family members in planning the funeral Mass for a loved one. This includes offering them the choice of scripture readings, music, etc. It is very helpful to the grieving family as well as to me. Soon Joan will offer you information in this bulletin about her offer to assist people who wish to preplan their own funeral. Priests of the Diocese are required to do this and I found it to be very meaningful as it allows me to choose the songs, readings, etc. that I wish for my own funeral Mass. So keep an eye out for more information about this opportunity.

Deacon Pat and Joan will also be exploring the possibil-ity of having a regular bible study for those who would like to learn more about the scriptures. And they will also be telling you about a website that you can visit called FORMED which is designed to help Catholics learn more about our faith. It is something that the Bishop would like all parishes to offer and it is an excellent resource for under- standing (and therefore appreciating) the richness of the Catholic Tradition. We offer many opportunities for learning and growth in the only need to respond with a willingness to try some of these to see if you find them helpful in living a fuller life.

Last week the parish staff and I went on Lolly the Trollyfor a tour through the city of Cleveland. It was fascinating to hear how much history is behind our city & to see things I’ve never seen or noticed before that have an interesting story behind them. Of course we had a great tour guide, our own Eva Bunosky who has been giving tours (and driving) Lolly the Trolly for many years. It’s incredible how much she knows about Cleveland and how much talking she has to do when giving these tours...all while driving this bus-like trolly at the same time. I’m lucky if I can sing and carry the gospel book from the altar to the pulpit at the same time. We had lunch at Mama Santa’s in Little Italy, a place we used to frequent when I was in the seminary. We pretty much lived on pizza in those days. If you’re interested in a relaxing and interesting tour of our city (which can include Little Italy, Lakeview Park, and many other places as well), then give them a call & sign up (please note that I do not receive any compensation for this advertisement...though that wouldn’t be a bad idea).