Pastor's Blog for July 21, 2019

We welcome Archibald Miller as the newest member of our parish family. He is being baptized this Sunday and his parents, Nathan & Bethany, were married here at St. Leo’s a couple of years ago. We share their joy on the day when Archibald becomes a child of God.

On July 6th we celebrated the Mass of Christian Burial for Pauline Quellos who is survived by her son John, to whom we extend our sympathies. Pauline had a devotion to Mary and attended Mass regularly. At 91, she was the grand- mother of 7 and great-grandmother of many. May she be reunited with her late husband, son and daughter in God’s kingdom.

The Knights of Columbus, who have their home here atSt. Leo’s, will be having their “Measure Up” Campaign this weekend when they collect money for mentally challenged disabled adults and children. It is a very worthwhile cause and I fully support their requests for donations.

St. Leo’s has a very strong social media presence. Thismeans we are visible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through our website, This is the primary way that young people today seek information concerning everything, including faith, such as the knowledge about the Catholic Church and more specifically about individual parishes such as St. Leo’s. We receive email from many people every month who have visited our website. We also have a free mobile app that can be downloaded to your Android or Apple devices. We communicate through Flock- note, so that school parents and parishioners can receive timely information by choosing what they are interested in receiving, for example our parish bulletin, funeral notices, etc. So please allow us to keep you informed of what is hap- pening in our parish community through these tools of tech- nology and communication. More information can be found in our parish bulletin and on our website. If you need help, any of our office staff would be happy to assist you.

As you can see our roof replacement is not finished yet.They are not able to work when there is 30% or greater chance of rain. And we’ve had a lot of those days in recent weeks. While I’m anxious for it to be done, at least I feel like we’re getting our money’s worth. It’s a worthy project for our 50th Anniversary of the building of the church. We hope the new roof will last us another 50 years.

This Thursday, July 25th, is the feast of St. James. I believe I wrote here recently that James is now one of the 4 most popular names for boys. When I was assigned to St. Bernadette in Westlake, all 3 of us priests had James as our first name. Needless to say, we went by our last names so as to avoid much confusion. James was one of the 12 Apostles and had a brother named John who was also an Apostle. Please pray to St. James that I may be a St. James too someday (which will take a lot of work on my part & lot of grace on God’s part!).