Pastor's Blog for June 16, 2019

We celebrated a Memorial Mass for Peter Gramuglia who returned to Cleveland once a year to visit with family & friends here where he grew up. We extend our condolences to his wife and to his four children. Peter made sure that he raised his children in the Catholic Faith. He himself attended Mass 2x a week and had a devotion to Mary. May he benefit now from her prayers.

Congratulations to Roman Capone and to Jordann Lewiswho will be married this Friday. They live in Denver but Roman attended school here at St. Leo’s and so wanted to return here for the celebration of his wedding. God’s joy be with them on their sacred day.

Father Vesely is scheduled to celebrate the 4pm Mass next Saturday, June 22nd. He continues to do very well at Mt. Alverna and it’s always good to have him back for Mass.

I realize that some of you, like myself, like it to be more on the chilly side when air conditioning is used in the church but others, especially those who are older, prefer it to be cool but not cold. As I’ve mentioned here several times, it’s a real science trying to get our church air conditioner to keep a certain temperature since it’s an older unit (the original in fact). If you knew how many times we have the company out here to fix it! Rest assured we keep working on solutions and I just suggest you bring a sweater or jacket for those times when it may be acting up and trying to make popsicles out of us. But at least we don’t have to sweat when the really hot summer days come our way (if they ever do this summer).

We won’t be having coffee & donuts this month butwhen we resume again in July, here’s something to keep in mind...just a little reminder that as Catholics, we fast from all food & drink (except water) for one hour before Commun- ion. This is to remind us that we hunger for the Bread of life. It can be tempting to grab a donut or coffee if you enter the church through the vestibule before Mass but the time to enjoy refreshments will come soon enough. Let us first be nourished by the food & drink of the Eucharist so that we can better appreciate each other when we visit over coffee & do- nuts.

I’m sad to say that Abby (the cat) ran away this pastweek. She stays in my suite on the 2nd floor of the rectory as we have the doggy door downstairs for Michaela to use throughout the day. I am very conscious of keeping my living room door closed so she can’t escape but it must not have closed tightly Sunday night as I found it open on Monday morning when I opened my bedroom door. Sure enough our security camera recorded her on the patio outside. As of Tuesday morning when I write this, she has not returned. She went in & out all the time at my old parish so I’m still hoping she will return but those of you with pets know how much we enjoy their presence. LAST MINUTE UPDATE: Abby came home Wednesday morning!!!!