Pastor's Blog for June 2, 2019

We extend our congratulations to former pastor Fr. Ned Weist who is celebrating his 50th Anniversary of Ordination (Golden Jubilee). He is having a Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Charles Borromeo Parish (where he once served) at Noon this Sunday (June 2nd), with a reception to follow. I plan on being at the reception so I will extend the prayers and best wishes of St. Leo’s to him at that time. It’s always good to have him back to St. Leo’s for Mass. We hope to see him again soon.

Today we celebrate the feast of the Ascension of the Lord which used to be on the Thursday before Pentecost (remember it was called “Ascension Thursday”?). But it has been moved to the Sunday before Pentecost which is next Sunday, June 9th. We then return to the “Ordinary Time” of the Church year even though the next two Sundays will find us celebrating the feasts of the Most Holy Trinity and Corpus Christi (The Body of Christ). Even though the first day of summer is not until June 21, it really begins to feel like summer once graduation has taken place (last weekend) and school is no longer in session. I plan on taking full advantage of the summer months to enjoy the nice weather.

Did you notice that the baptismal font is gone from the church? Be honest now...did you really notice? Perhaps not because it is a simple and small pedestal that can be somewhat hidden in the front right corner of the sanctuary (altar area). For that reason we are having a couple of pedestals added to it which will provide a quiet flow of water from one to another. It should be finished soon. For our 50th Anniversary of the building of the church, we are also going to have our mosaic stations of the cross cleaned up and polished and hope to install track lighting from the ceiling which will make them more visible. Finally we are working on a couple of shrines in the back of the church where the old confessionals are and which will house the statues of St. Leo the Great and St. Vincent de Paul. A banner is being made for outside the church and we have a couple little things in store for the actual anniversary date which is December 24th.

I’m feeling much better so again thanks for your pray- ers, cards & concern. It helped me to learn that according to the Social Security Administration, James is now the 4thmost popular name for boys in the United States. It is pre- ceded by Liam, Noah & William (my dad’s name). I always preferred the name James over the nickname of Jim as the latter can be confused with a place for athletic activity, which is certainly not me. James however reminds me of the sophisticated chauffeur (“Home, James”). But all that is up to parents. Perhaps my dad would have preferred Wil- liam instead of Bill, but after 92 years, I don’t think he plans on changing that. Whatever name we are called by, it is good to remember that God calls each of by name.