Pastor's Blog for May 26, 2019

Patricia Staab’s funeral was celebrated on May 6th by Fr. O’Grady and Deacon Pat. Patricia was a person who prayed often and was no doubt the source of her love for her husband and children, and the source of her generosity to charities and her willingness to volunteer to help others. We extend our sympathies to her husband and 2 children.

Larry Squires was an avid motorcyclist and his Mass of Christian Burial was held on May 13th, again by Fr. O’Grady and Deacon Pat. Larry prayed the family rosary often, and remembered especially the deceased members of his family as he did so. He was a religious man who was devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary & to St. Ann. We extend our condolences to his siblings and adopted daughter Sheila whom he loved devotedly.

I celebrated the funeral for Cara Rose Prokop on May 15th and Fr. Weist, a longtime friend of the family, preached the message of resurrected hope. Cara Rose suffered from Huntington’s Disease, which is what took her father’s life as well. But Cara Rose attended our parish school and then Holy Name High School, and she loved St. Francis and of course, the animals that Francis is known to have loved himself. We extend our deepest sympathies to Paulette, Cara’s devoted mother, and to Cara’s two sisters and brother.

I mentioned having felt like I had the Black Plague and it turns out I wasn’t too far off. I saw my doctor when I returned from vacation and he sent me to the emergency room and then I was admitted to the hospital for several days. I have a large kidney stone (10mm) which I’ve had at least since January. When I spoke to the surgeon who did the prostrate surgery, he told me in January that I had this large kidney stone but of course we both agreed it was more important to deal with the cancer first. But then the stone got stuck and caused an infec- tion which wreaked havoc on my system. My blood sugar went sky high & my blood pressure went dangerously low. But thanks be to the incredible medical technology we have, and due to the skills of many doctors and nurses, I was able to get through it and am now in continued recovery at home. I feel better every day but am trying to pace myself. So once again, thanks so much for your prayers as I feel they are an important part of the healing process. My biggest regret is having missed Deacon Pat’s celebration of his 30th anniversary of ordination but I trust you expressed to him and Joan your gratitude for all they do for me and for the parish. It is in times like this when I depend on them the most and they always come through gra- ciously. As far as vacation is concerned, I think I’ll just stick around here for a while. Work seems healthier for me than vacation.

Please join us this Monday as the nation celebrates the memory of our fallen military members. It seems that their example becomes more & more important as our world becomes more & more torn by division. They remind us that giving of yourself, even of your very life, is what marks you with a great character. Let us pray for them and so give the best honor to their memory as possible.