Pastor's Blog for May 19, 2019

It’s always good to come home from vacation but so much more this time as I became ill in the middle of this one. The first few days were great as I did some sight-seeing during a drive through New York State. But then on Thursday I woke up with the chills & was in bed for the rest of the day. I had short periods of feeling a little bit better over the next few days but was still plagued by fatigue, loss of appetite (the worst part for me!) and a general blah feeling. I see the doctor this afternoon (it’s Tuesday as I write this) so I can only speculate but my guess is the Black Plaque. Of course I can tend to exaggerate my pain a bit but I do hope the doctor will give me something to get over this because it’s been a long week.

The St. Leo’s Seniors hold a special place in my heart. The first parishioner from St. Leo the Great that I spoke to after receiving this assignment was a woman who called me & invited me to join the Seniors at their Christmas Party in early December (of ’13). I was happy to join them all & to sit with Fr. Vesely & Fr. Lowe to learn more about the parish. I will be joining the Seniors this Wednesday for their Installation of Officers. They are a fun group so I just want to encourage anyone who is looking for an opportuni- ty to get to know others in their age group to consider joining them. They meet a couple times a month on Wednesdays right here on our parish property (they use the Parish Community Center which is handicapped accessible). They enjoy eating together, socializing & having others come in to educate or entertain them. Please check them out.

Next Saturday we will have the eighth graders join us at the 4pm Mass. AFTER Mass, they will have their graduation ceremony. It’s always bitter-sweet as we say goodbye to those who have been with us for several years but we are also joyful in the opportunities they face with a good education and Catholic formation behind them. Our graduates come back frequently to say hello & to say thanks for what they received here at St. Leo’s. I’m amazed to think that these students were only in 3rd grade when I arrived here. It’s been an honor to see them grow over the years. Please pray for them as they step into the future.

Thanks again for your consideration of a follow-up gift to Catholic Charities that will exclusively benefit the expe- rience of campers with disabilities. I know that we all feel called on from every corner to donate to this worthy cause or that one, but even a small donation is helpful when we all make the commitment to do it. God bless your constant generosity.