Pastor's Blog for March 10, 2019

Sarah Geier had been in Broadview Multicare for many years. During the past few years, she was confined to her bed. Our parishioner Ron Kollar brought her Holy Communion every week for several years and she was always delighted with his visits. Sarah passed away about an hour or two after Ron & I had prayed the last rites for her and her funeral was held on March 1st (which would have been her 92nd birthday). What struck so many people about Sarah was her ability to be joyful and giving despite the constrictions and suffering that came from her very long illness. She colored pictures which hung on the walls around her bed, along with religious pictures and those of her family. Even when we saw her for the last time, she was able to say “thank you” for the prayers we were offer- ing for her. I trust her reward will be great in heaven.

Alfred Golias suffered from MS for a number of years and yet he too held on tightly to his faith. He watched Mass daily on TV and his children remember well how often he prayed the rosary, especially when the family was going on trips or vaca- tions. Al laid down the burden of his years and was buried from our parish on March 2nd. We extend our sympathies to his two daughters, Linda & Sharon, and to his brother Wendell & sister Mary Rita. He also lost a son who died at the age of 2. We trust he will embrace him again in God’s kingdom. He will be given military honors as he is a veteran from World War II. May Al rest now in the peace of the Risen Christ.

Thanks to all those who prepared our young people for the Sacrament of Confirmation which they received from Bishop Perez last Saturday, and congratulations especially to Nikki Dickinson who was received into the Catholic Church, received Confirmation from the Bishop and then received her first Communion. She is a welcome addition to our parish.

This weekend at the 4pm Mass, I will be giving a blessing to John and Irma Zappitelli who are celebrating 66 years of marriage. They have been members of our Seniors for many years and always sit in the first row in front of the pulpit (so as to make sure they don’t miss a word I am saying from there? Probably not...). Irma has been undergoing physical therapy since the beginning of November and we really miss seeing her at this Mass so we’re happy she can join us this weekend & pray for her continued recovery. With a name like Zappitelli, you know that they are the real (Italian) deal. I admire them both. We also welcome their children who are so devoted to them.

The 2nd graders made their first reconciliation last week. Many of them said they were so nervous about that. I was so surprised to hear that because it’s us older folks who had some- thing to be nervous about when we made our first confessions! We entered a dark, small box where we couldn’t see the priest (no face to face in those days to see the priest smiling at you... and I doubt they even smiled in those days). You’d better re- member your Act of Contrition & know when to make the sign of the cross. Those were the days...