Pastor's Blog for March 24, 2019

We express our sympathies to Mina Rolando whose mother, Virginia Rescina, entered eternal rest and whose funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Rocco church where she had been an active member for many years. Mina is a recep- tionist in our rectory office and Coordinator of our Parish Community Center which we rent out during the year. Mina’s involvement in our parish follows in the footsteps of her mother who was active in hers. Mina was her loving caregiver and Virginia was so blessed to have such a giving daughter. Our prayers are with the family.

There are still some “Little Black Books” available at thedoors of the church which have short daily reflections for each day of Lent. Feel free to take one (or more) home with you or give one to a Homebound relative or neighbor.

This week we are privileged to have 3 speakers for ourLenten Mission. Each of them have a personal story to tell of how a cross in their life has allowed them to experience a new life of grace. Phillip Keller (widely known as “Trapper Jack”) will be here on Monday and will touch us by his story of how the deterioration of his vision sharpened his eyes of faith. On Tuesday, David Petrovic will speak about his struggle with Asperger’s. And Wednesday we will hear of Robby’s struggle with drug addiction. Monday’s talk will be in the church but Tuesday & Wednesday’s will be in the Parish Community Center. All of them will begin at 7pm. I am anxious to hear their stories which I pray will give us all hope as we each face the crosses and struggles of our own lives.

The spring issue of our wonderful News & ViewsNewsletter will be out soon (if not already). It has great articles & pictures which include the story of our church’s renovation several years ago and what’s going on in our parish school today. Our sincere thanks to John Sabol and to all who contribute to these interesting stories.

Last Friday, my cousin invited me to dinner with theBishop and 2 other priests. I had already had a wonderful meal at our Fish Fry (delicious lobster tails!) but I said I would join them for some priestly fraternity. After we all shared a cheese pizza for an appetizer, I ordered just a bowl of wedding soup & a salad instead of a full meal. The follow- ing day, Deacon Pat asked what I had for dinner & then made mention of the tiny meatballs in the wedding soup. Of course he was trying to make me feel guilty for eating meat on a Friday of Lent (it worked). Three priests & a bishop didn’t point it out to me at the time (or at least were kind enough to let it pass without saying anything). I hope I did not cause scandal to the Bishop. But it could have been worse as I could have been wearing my Roman collar while ordering a big plate of spaghetti with meat sauce! I wondered why the tiny meatballs hidden in the soup tasted so good. So just in case you have forgotten about not eating meat on a Friday of Lent, it happens to the most Catholic of us!