Pastor's Blog for February 24, 2019

With my gratitude to Deacon Pat & Joan for writing last weekend’s column for me, I am happy to say that I made it through surgery and am on the way to recovery. Though I have not spoken to the surgeon yet, he told my sister after the 2 1⁄2 hour procedure that everyone went as planned and that he did not see any other signs of cancer. My follow-up appointment with him will be on Tuesday, March 5th, when he will give me the results of the pathol- ogy reports. I remain so very grateful for all your prayers, cards and words of support. I can assure you that they brought me comfort and encouragement as I faced all the unknowns of this medical situation. I was in the hospital for two days following the surgery and was off my feet for almost a week. While I’m able to walk now, I do so slowly and carefully as I’m still trying to regain my strength and let the soreness heal. One of the most difficult parts of my recovery was trying to keep Abby (the cat) from leaping onto my lap or chest where she likes to curl up & sleep. As I hold my hands out to protect myself from her potential pounce, she stares at me as if to say, “What’s up with you?” A card I received from her (you didn’t know that cats can send cards?) put it pretty honestly. It said “Welcome back...but you’re in my chair.” I also had to be careful with Michaela as she too loves to take that leap of faith into my lap after she (or I) have been away for a while. But we’re all together again & taking it one day at a time.

I’m grateful that Fr. O’Grady was willing to double up on his weekend help and that you were able to meet Fr. Klein whom I spent a year & a half with when we were both assigned to St. Bernadette in Westlake. He’s enjoying retirement now and promising me that it’s worth the wait (though a very long wait yet for me). I’m also thankful that Deacon Pat has been generous in assisting these visiting priests and know that he lead you through the Catholic Charities Annual Pledge last weekend. Every year we have always been able to meet the pledge goal that the Diocese gives to us (based upon our parishioner count) because you have recognized the many needs in our own Diocese that call out for our compassion and generosity. I will join you in committing to this worthy cause and thank you for your response.

I look forward to seeing you next weekend as I expect to return to work. I want to be able to welcome Bishop Perez back to our parish (he was last here on September 1st as we celebrated the 70th Anniversary of our Parish). The Bishop will be celebrating the Sacrament of Confir- mation for our 8th grade students at next Saturday’s 4pm Mass (March 2nd). I am looking forward to celebrating this special occasion with our young people and in their name welcome Bishop Perez as he confers on them the Gift of the Holy Spirit.