Pastor's Blog for January 27, 2019

Though we seemed to have our regular crowd at the 4pm Mass last weekend, we had so few people here for 8am & 11am on Sunday. I’m glad that most of you chose to stay home rather than risk driving on the unplowed streets. Of course, it is not a sin to stay away on such a weekend so don’t feel that you need to confess it, the same being true when you are ill or on vacation with no possible way to attend Mass. The best option under those circumstances is to take a little bit of time to pray at home and perhaps read the scriptures for that weekend (citations are included in our bulletin every week and can be found easily online). I often suggest that people who cannot attend Mass on the weekend due to their work schedules can always attend a Mass during the week. We have Mass at 7:30am Monday through Thursday & 8:30am on Fridays (as the parish school children attend that Mass twice a month). Other parishes might have a late afternoon or early evening Mass as well during the week. My only plea would be for you to either sign up for our online giving option called “WeShare” which can be done through our rectory office (stop in or give us a call) or online at our website ( This allows us to receive your weekly donations even when you can’t be here. But for now, if you’re able to give what you would have given last weekend, it would be very much appreciated so that we can stay on budget.

As I type this on Tuesday, January 22nd, we commemorate the sad anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion in our country. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) have declared this to be a “National Day of Prayer and Penance for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children.” Though the day will be passed by the time you read this, I ask that you take a moment to pray for a change in that unjust law, to pray for the unborn, and also to pray for those who are faced with an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy. On the website of the USCCB it wisely reminds us: “Decisions against human life are often influenced by feeling afraid, unsupported, pressured or alone. We need to love both the unborn children and their parents providing concrete support to help those in difficult pregnancy situations welcome their children before and after they are born.” Our love must be for all those involved.

I received the welcomed news that due to a cancellation, my surgery date was moved up from February 25th to February 11th which is 2 weeks away instead of 4. I am so grateful for the cards and pledges of your prayers. It makes me all the more conscious of our need to minister to the sick among us. May God bring health and wholeness to us all.

One of our school students came up to me last week and said, “You look just like that guy we see over in the church!” I just told him that I hope that guy is as nice as I am. He smiled & assured me he is.