Pastor's Column for September 30, 2018

The Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated for Emma Hohmeier on Saturday, September 22nd. Emma was 95 years old and was the mother of Jan Meister, Kathy Ciacchi and Don Hohmeier, as well as a daughter named Judy Bizjak, whose funeral Mass we celebrated here earlier this year. Emma had a devotion to Mary and always carried a rosary around with her. She also had a fondness for angels and so we pray that “the angels may lead her to paradise” as we sing in our song of Final Farewell at the end of the funeral Mass. May Mary, who inter- ceded for her in life & at the hour of her death, “show un- to her the fruit of her womb, Jesus.”

Since Fr. Vesely is fond of saying the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel whenever he celebrates Mass, it’s good timing that he will be offering the 4pm Mass this weekend on the feast of the the Archangels (Sts. Michael, Gabriel & Raphael). We’re glad he’s doing so well and that he’s able to join us this month and next.

Something funny I read in our Spring News & Views Newsletter earlier this year: a parishioner named Armand Venditti recalls the time that Fr. Lux (our founding Pastor) told the Parish Council that we needed a fence behind the houses on Silverdale that adjoin our parish property because parishioners were extending their yards 10-15 feet onto the parish’s property with their gardens and their swing sets. When Father Lux made the announcement from the pulpit though, he told them that the Parish Council decided this! Did I tell you that the Parish Council recently decided to give me a raise? (Just kidding...only the Bishop can do that, and he recently did. Now I can buy desert when I go out to eat).

Michaela turned 6 this past Wednesday. When she was born, she was just about 1 pound and so small I could carry her & scoop her up with one hand. But even then (as now), she would try to chase after Abby the cat, even though Abby was much faster (& at the time) much larger than Michaela. Someone who came into the rectory office recently said, “She has a big bark for such a small dog!” So true. But she and Abby look forward to the Pet Blessing given by Deacon Pat next Saturday, October 6th, at 10am. It will be at the newly landscaped shrine area (weather permitting) or inside the church vestibule. I recently read this on a church sign: “If cats could text you back, they wouldn’t.” If you have a cat, you know what that means. May St. Francis of Assisi (whose feast is on Thursday, October 4th) pray for them and for us.