Pastor's Column for September 23, 2018

The Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on September 11th for David Jerson. He was described as the “strength of the family” & was known to be generous. The family prays that he may join his wife, son, sister & broth- er-in-law in God’s kingdom.

Ann Aron’s funeral was on September 14th. She had celebrated her 99th birthday just a few months ago with family and those at Joshua Tree assisted living. She had a devotion to Mary and to Mary’s mother, St. Ann, after whom she is named. She worked as an LPN nurse taking care of others. We extend our sympathies to her daughter and faithful parishioner, Mary Lou Neuendorf. Ann had 3 children, 10 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, and 6 great-great grandchildren. So much life comes from the love of two people.

The funeral Mass for Helen Hadacek was on Septem- ber 17th. She worked hard but then experienced illness for many years. I always begin a funeral homily by extending the sympathies of the parishioners of St. Leo and by assur- ing them of our prayers and support during the time of loss. Please say a simple quiet prayer for these 3 deceased as you read this.

Fr. Vesely continues to do very well at Mount Alverna however recently one of his knees started to swell up again. He seems to be doing better and so hopes to celebrate the 4pm Mass here next Saturday, September 29th. We will be going to the annual clergy clambake at St. Christopher in Rocky River this Sunday. I like to take him there because he doesn’t like clams so he gives me his. I could eat several dozen in one sitting. I can just hear my doctor now...

Our new PSR Director, Joann Deranek is doing a great job. The students and teachers and some of their parents will be celebrating Mass this Monday at 7pm. I use the opportunity of a smaller group to talk about the meaning of the many symbols, gestures, postures & parts of the Mass. They gather around the altar where they can have a close up view of what is happening. I’m grateful that their parents continue their religious education. My thanks to those who sacrifice time to teach our Catholic Faith to the students. They are true evangelists and their work is important. God bless them all this school year.

Michaela will be going to two places this week which she is not fond the vet for annual shots, and to the groomer for her haircut. I thought women liked to have their hair done. I wonder if she gossips with the other female dogs when she’s there. I know she barks and fusses when anyone comes in the store with their pet. She really wants all the attention for herself. I have no idea where she gets that from...