Pastor's Column for August 12, 2018

This past week I joined with two families in praying for their loved ones who have died. I offered prayers at the funeral home for Gerard Mancino on Tuesday. His wife had passed away just a few months ago where we met in the same place to offer prayers for her. They are buried together at Riverside Cemetery on Pearl Road. May they both be welcomed into God’s kingdom.

I also celebrated a Funeral Mass for Theresa Kocab this past Wednesday. I had also celebrated the funeral for her husband John almost 4 years ago in October of 2014. Both times the family wrote beautiful words of remembrance and acknowledged the faith that was an important part of their lives. Theresa had a special devotion to St. Anthony, St. Theresa (her name sake) and to the Blessed Virgin Mary as she prayed the rosary often. May she and her husband now walk together in the garden of paradise.

This past Wednesday I also joined with the St. Leo Seniors in celebrating the 100th Birthday of Coletta Pacholik What a blessing to be a centenarian (my spell check tried to change the word to centurion!). May God give to Coletta a heart of gratitude for the great gift of life she has received for over 100 years.

We congratulate the parents of Adam Triscari who is being baptized Sunday at Noon. We pray that his parents and godparents will be a worthy example to him as he is raised in the practice of the faith.

This Wednesday, August 15th, is the feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven, a holy day of obligation. Mass will be celebrated at 8:30 on Wednesday morning and at 7:00 on Wednesday evening. Please join us as we rejoice not only in Mary’s assumption but in the promise and hope of our own resurrection, body and soul, into heaven.

Thank you for your help in selling the raffle tickets in preparation for our Parish Festival in October. I read that our first Pastor, Father Lux, won the car that was auctioned off at the parish carnival that was part of the history of the early years of St. Leo’s. It may seem to be quite a coincidence that the Pastor would win the grand prize of the car...but not so much when you learn that he had $1000 worth of tickets! I was thinking of buying $1000 worth of raffle tickets in order to win the grand prize at our festival this year, but somehow I don’t think I’d make it out of here alive if I won. And if I would lose, I’d lose big. So I’ll make my small contribution and let the dice roll. To be honest I’d be happy to win $10 so I can keep buying Michaela toys that she doesn’t need. In any case, thanks for selling (or buying) the raffle tickets and good luck to you all.