Pastor's Column for May 6, 2018

Michele Lombardo is a parishioner who lectors (proclaims the Scripture readings) at weekend Mass & does so very well. Sadly we had a funeral Mass for her husband Joey last Saturday. Michele and Joe have two daughters, Kelly and Jamie, and we extend our sympathies to them as well as to Michele. Michele and Joey were married for 30 years and their daughters were “the apple of his eye.” May he rest with all the saints in God’s kingdom.

Last Sunday we baptized Xander Geither and Ryleigh Hartley. We welcome them into God’s family and pray for God’s blessings on them and their families. We also congratulate Tom & Chris Bauhof on their 45th Wedding Anniversary, Jerry & Linda DeBaltzo who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary as well as Joe & Joan Krakora who also celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary last weekend. And again we congratulate all of the children who will be making their First Holy Communion this Saturday (May 5th) at the 4pm Mass. We look forward to them joining us every week at the Table of the Lord. We give thanks to God for all these joyful occasions which sustain us in our faith.

It seems that Fr. Vesely will be moving into an apartment at Mount Alverna very soon as one just became open for him. We had lunch last week and his walking is very much improved! He continues to appreciate the many cards & visits he receives. Let us continue our prayers for him as he settles in and continues to be such a welcome priestly minister to the people of that community.

You may have felt a bit cool in the church last weekend as the temperatures dropped outside for the weekend and we were still waiting on a faulty computer part to be replaced. Hopefully we won’t need any more heat now until the Fall! Even Michaela is not wearing her winter coat anymore.

Some were asking about that odd looking contraption in the yard by the rectory and offices. That is a gas meter which had to be wrapped during the winter months due to freezing in the lines (which would shut off our gas supply). Now that we’re all thawed out, the wrapping has been removed and it’s not so unsightly. Hopefully we’ll see the grass get greener, the flowers start blooming and the trees grow their leaves. Then we can start to complain about the heat!

For those who attended Mass on Saturday last weekend, perhaps you saw the beautiful religious items made out of olive wood which were on display and for sale in the vestibule of the church. I mentioned on Sunday that this family from Bethlehem started a travel agency with tours to the Holy Land & so expressed my interest. I’m looking at early 2020 for that to happen. If you haven’t done so already, let me know if you’re interested & I’ll put you on the “I’m interested” list.