Pastor's Column for April 8, 2018

In the name of the parish community, I extend our gratitude to all those parishioners who helped in any way with the liturgies of Holy Week. Thanks to all our liturgical ministers: ushers, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers & lectors. Thanks to all who decorated the church so beautifully. Thanks to our Mass coordinators who work every week in setting up and cleaning up for our weekend Masses. Thanks especially to all those in the music ministry who worked so hard to provide us with beautiful and meaningful music all week. They work so well together and really help us lift our hearts to God in prayer. And finally thank you all for your generous Easter donations which are a tremendous help to our parish budget.

Fr. Vesely & I also thank you for the cards and edible gifts that help us to enjoy the days following Easter. You are thoughtful and kind.

Helen Lincheck’s funeral Mass took place last Tuesday. She was married for exactly 50 years (her husband John died sadly on the day they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in our church). Helen’s daughter, parishioner Jan Norris and Helen’s son John took great care of their mother during the many years she suffered from dementia and needed constant help. What love they showed their mother in the daily sacrifices they made for her. Helen was devoted to her family and to her faith. May she enjoy forever the friendship of the Risen Christ.

On Easter we passed out a little white book called a “Mass Journal.” It has some brief reflections on the left hand side of each page but just lines on a blank page on the right. We encourage you to bring it to Mass with you and to write down a word or a phrase that struck you during the Mass so that you might reflect on it later in the day or during the week. So often God speaks us not only in silence but in what we hear and see and experience but we’re not always aware of how he reaches out to us. Jot down anything that may be food for thought, whether it’s the words of a song or prayer, something in the scripture readings or homily, or just something you see that you never really noticed before. Many people in other churches have found this to be useful in helping them really pay attention to everything that is happening at Mass so that it may become more fruitful and meaningful to them. We’ll try to keep pencils in the pews throughout the Easter season and keep some on the tables in the church as well.

Our Easter celebration goes on for 50 days for the Lord’s resurrection has eternal meaning for our lives. The Risen Lord will continue to speak to us in these days. Let us listen attentively to him.