Pastor's Column for April 22, 2018

Last Friday, April 13th, we had 2 funerals of longtime parishioners. Daniel Sholtis has been here since the days of Fr. Lux, our first pastor. Daniel took very good care of his wife Margaret who has since passed as well as of his son, also named Daniel, whose funeral Mass we celebrated just 3 years ago this same month. Daniel was an avid fan of Ohio State and was happiest when golfing with his grandson. May he join his wife and son in the praise of God.

We also said goodbye to Juanita Gallo who, along with her husband Joe, have also been members of the parish for many years. Joe is a faithful usher at the 8am Sunday Mass and has not been able to be with us for several months as he needed to stay home to take care of his wife in her illness. What a source of strength and comfort he was to her. Juanita and Joe also have a son, Joey, whose 2 sons Tyler & Trenton Juanita also enjoyed so much. May Juanita now find the healing of body and soul in God’s kingdom.

This Saturday we celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary of Pete & Advia Turlop and on Sunday, the 60th Anniversary of Ralph & Tannie Cosiano. It’s a joy to share in this special occasion with them and we wish them all many more years of happiness.

I’ve been wanting to give you an update on Fr. Vesely but wanted to wait until we met with those in charge of his care at Mount Alverna. While Father Vesely’s walking has improved quite a bit with the physical therapy he has been given, he still has swelling and occasional pain in his knee. They want him to use a walker instead of a cane for the sake of stability, but this also prevents him from driving. Though Fr. Vesely would very much like to return to St. Leo’s (as much as we would like him to return), the recommendation was that he look into the option of assisted living. They believe that an apartment will open for him soon there at Mount Alverna and we were able to see it. It’s directly across from a large room for visitors which would be very convenient as Father gets a lot of visitors from the parish! I, as well as others, would still be able to pick him up to go out to dinner and he would continue to be of great help to the residents there as something of a live-in chaplain. He has been celebrating Mass there once a week for several years and so many know him. Even during these past few weeks, he has been able to pray with and anoint people who need the ministry of a priest. It seems it would be the best option for him. While things are still to be sorted out, I ask for your continued prayers for him. He enjoys so much the cards and visits he has received, so thank you for reaching out to him. I will keep you abreast of what is happening but wanted you to know where things stand at the moment.