Pastor's Column for March 4, 2018

The Fish Fry’s have been wonderful so far. True to the tradition, the food is delicious & the prices very reasonable. This is the report I hear from many who travel to different Fish Fry’s in the area. It’s great to see so many parishioners working so well together every year for this event. I wish I could say this to each one personally but at least here I say it to you all: thank you for your time and effort in providing our parish and local community the opportunity to enjoy a good meal & the companionship of one another. This past Friday we had the option to enjoy a lobster dinner which re- ally rivaled that of local seafood restaurants. And we’ll be having another one in a couple of weeks so be sure to see the bulletin for details so you can order your ticket in advance.

As you are reminded by the special logo on our bulletin cover & on our website, we are celebrating our 70th Anni- versary as a Parish this year. I’ve asked John Sabol, who is our parish archivist, if he could assemble some pictures from our history that would be enjoyable to view throughout the year. He has not disappointed! He and his wife Jeanne have set up this wonderful display in the vestibule of the church (the display case was donated by my dad who is thrilled we can use it to good purpose here at the church). There is a large picture over the display which shows parishioners building the first temporary church so that Mass could be celebrated here on the new property. Then there are interest- ing pictures displayed in the glass case which are described on little cards next to them. These pictures will be on display all year but will be changed with new ones periodically. You can enjoy them especially when we offer coffee & donuts in the vestibule but please stop by there anytime before or after Mass & take a look. I’ll try to mention some of the highlights in this column. Our thanks to John & Jeanne for their great work on this!

You’ll begin to see our Holy Week schedule in the bulle- tin. I want to point out that Bishop Perez has changed the time we are permitted to begin the Easter Vigil on Holy Sat- urday evening from 9pm to 7:30pm. I hope this will allow more people to join us for this most important Mass of the year as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. We do not have anyone being baptized at our parish this year but we will still join with all those being made members of the Church throughout the Diocese and the world as we celebrate this wonderful liturgy. I also want to mention that as we did last year, we will add a Mass on Easter Sunday at 9:30am in order to accommodate the people who will be joining us for the great feast of the Resurrection. So the Easter Vigil will be at 7:30pm on Holy Saturday evening, and Mass will be at 8am, 9:30am and 11am on Easter Sunday.