Pastor's Column for March 11, 2018

Margaret Neff was a very active and outgoing parishioner who served as a Eucharistic Minister and then received Holy Communion at home when she could not come to church. Her funeral Mass was celebrated last Monday and we express our sympathy to her 3 children. Margaret really lived her life helping others and being present to them and so stands as a reminder to us all of our call to do the same. May she receive her reward from God.

This weekend Bishop Gries will be celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation at the 4pm Mass for several of our young people. We welcome him and congratulate those who will be receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit who will guide them in their lives of faith. Thanks to all those who have been responsible for their religious education and especially their preparation for this final sacrament of initiation into the Catholic Church. Please pray for these and for all of the young people of our parish.

Fr. Vesely is currently at Mount Alverna on State Road for physical therapy and should be returning to us soon. A couple weeks ago his knee was swollen and a visit to the hospital showed that it was caused by arthri- tis (and gratefully, nothing more serious such as an infection). But he is in need of therapy before he comes home so please say a prayer for him that he may heal quickly.

Both of my girls had a trip to the vet last week for a dental exam and cleaning. They needed to extract one tooth from Abby and two from Michaela but they have nice white teeth now and don’t need doggy dentures. When we arrived at the vet I put Michaela on her leash & she was so excited to get out of the car & sniff around outside but as soon as I opened the door to the vet clinic, she suddenly realized where she was & the tail went down quickly and she looked at me with those sad eyes as if I had betrayed her. I had to even walk with her to the back room as she wouldn’t budge when the nurse took hold of her leash. Abby was in a little carrier so she was easy to deal with but she wasn’t too happy when they took her out or when they tried to put her back in. But the ride home & some food quickly took care of her bad mood. Food usually does that for me too.