Pastor's Column for September 10, 2017

It doesn’t seem right that summer is over. Have you ever wondered why July & August can’t last as long as January & February? Same number of days, I know, but 2 of those months seem so much longer than the other two. Here we are in the second week of September already. Tempus Fugit (Latin for “Time Flies,” but I’m sure you already knew that)

Congratulations to Jack & Grace Pauloski who are cele- brating their 60th Wedding Anniversary! I’ll be asking God’s blessings on them during the 8am Mass because they have both been a great blessing to our parish. They are one of those couples that just make me smile every time I see them (at least on the inside if it’s too early to smile on the outside). I am very happy to join them in thanking God for the years of their marital love and witness and we pray that God may con- tinue to bless them with strength and peace.

Everything has been going very well in our parish school. We have 234 students in the elementary school and 32 in the Preschool which is near capacity for both. Our new Principal is adjusting very well and all the faculty, staff & students joined us for our first all school Mass this past Friday, on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As we cele- brated her birthday, we asked for her continued prayers as we embark on this new school year.

Thanks again for your willingness to sell a few raffle tickets for our Parish Festival which is coming up in just a month or so. It’s always good to have something to look for- ward to so I hope you plan on joining us for that parish event in October.

I was ill on the day of the new bishop’s installation but gratefully I was able to watch it on EWTN. He began his homily by saying, “God is good!” To which the people re- sponded, “All the time!” And then when he said, “All the time...” they said “God is good!” I tell you that in case he ever begins a homily that way here you’ll know how to re- spond. I don’t know when he’ll visit us here at St. Leo the Great but we look forward to welcoming him. I better let him know in advance that sometimes Michaela likes to make a surprise appearance at Confirmation. Somehow I get the feel- ing he would be just fine with that.