Pastor's Column for August 27, 2017

Eugene Zola (89) was a man of deep faith who liked living in walking distance to the church so that his family could attend Mass easily & so that his children could attend school here at St. Leo’s. He was also a man of work (at the Illuminating Company) who provided well for his family, his wife Loretta of 63 years and his four children, Keith, Nancy, Jeff & Jeannie. He knew the seriousness of serving in the Korean War but also knew how to enjoy life with his wife and family. At the parish he served funeral Masses, was an usher, and worked at our Parish Festivals. He had a full and meaningful life. May he now receive his reward.

As of July 31st, 47,952 people in the Diocese of Cleve- land responded to our annual Catholic Charities Appeal, pledging $12,066,107. Our own parish of St. Leo the Great has pledged $67,403, which puts us at about 114% of our goal. That means that because of your continued generosity, many people will be fed, clothed, sheltered and helped in numerous other ways through this charitable organization. You really know how to see Christ in your brothers and sisters. Thank you for your goodness to this wonderful cause and for your continued donations to our parish which allow us to provide many services to you and to others throughout the year.

I forgot to remind you last week about the Fest and the Feast. The Fest is the annual event that takes place on the grounds of our seminary in Wickliffe with many thousands in attendance. I didn’t make it to that this year as I was enjoying the incredibly good food at the annual Hungarian Day in Lorain. I also attended the Feast which yearly celebrates the Assumption of Mary in Little Italy (the Assumption did not take place in Little Italy, the feast did). Our staff took a cou- ple of hours off to sample their food & to make sure it was up to the standards of true Italian cuisine (it was). Pizza, cavatelli, ravioli, clams, cannoli, Italian cookies and cassata cake...everything checked out. So if you missed it this year, know that it has my stamp of approval so you can attend next year. It’s just part of the job.

As I type this I am anxiously awaiting the solar eclipse. I can’t look at the sun because I don’t have those special glass- es you need to protect your eyes. They say you can use a col- ander if you don’t have glasses but I think I would look a little silly wearing that on my head. So I’ll just enjoy the 2 or 3 minutes of nap time that comes naturally from the darkness outside.