Pastor's Column for August 20, 2017

We extend our sympathies to Audrey and her daughter Teresa on the death of their husband/father, Joseph An- drzejewski, whose Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated this past Monday. They are a people of faith and believe firmly in the resurrection of the dead. May that faith be the source of their comfort at this time of loss.

We also remember Estelle Sikon whose funeral was held this past Wednesday. She was blessed with 98 years of life and held on to her faith, praying the rosary and watching Mass on TV when she was not able to be in church with us. We believe that such faith will find its reward in the resurrec- tion.

This weekend we welcome the Knights of Columbus to the 11am Mass. Now that the Brooklyn-Parma Council is connected with our parish, we are happy to have them join us for Mass from time to time. The “K of C” is a Catholic Men’s fraternal organization which my own dad enjoyed for many years. If you would like to meet new people & know the support of their friendship, please reach out to one of these men after Mass. They would be happy to let you know when they meet so that you can see if becoming a member is for you.

We welcome our school children back this week as we annually contemplate how the summer months can go by so quickly. We are especially happy to have Mrs. Denise Burns as our new Principal and trust she will bring many gifts to our school community.

We received a check for almost $7,000 from the estate of Ken Keipert, a parishioner who died in November of 2015. I was sad to hear of Ken’s sudden passing as he was a great support to Fr. Vesely and I and would frequently buy flowers to be placed in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary and in front of the statue of St. Leo the Great when we celebrate his feast day November 10th. And now he continues to bless us by this donation he left to the parish in his will. It would be especially meaningful to say a Hail Mary for him as he was devoted to the Blessed Mother during his life.

In the vestibule of the church are envelopes made out to each registered parishioner which contain raffle tickets we ask you to sell for our mid-October Parish Festival. The raffle is the most profitable part of this fundraiser and so necessary to the financial success of the festival. We would be very grateful if you could remember to pick them up before or af- ter Mass & then do your best to sell (or buy!) them. We an- ticipate your help with this as we have for many years in the past. Thank you in advance for your participation.