Pastor's Column

Jean Adams is remembered by her family for her role as a loving mother and grandmother who had a devotion to Mary, the Mother of the Church. She extended her motherly care to special needs children at the Broadview Center (now closed). We continue to pray for her after her funeral Mass & ask God to show mercy to all our departed loved ones.

We wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the men of the parish. During the last year you have heard me speak or write about my own dad who will be turning 90 in 3 weeks. He continues to do very well at the assisted living residence in Lakewood. He spends a few days with his wife each week at her place in Strongsville or she stays with him in Lakewood. As I write this, I remembered that I just missed their 11th Anniversary by a few days so I better say some- thing nice about him here to make up for that. That would be easy to do as my dad has many endearing qualities, not the least of which is his deep faith. So I suggest you take the opportunity this weekend to tell someone else of something you admire about your father, whether he is living or de- ceased. And let us all remember to give thanks to God for these men who hopefully showed us a loving image of our heavenly Father through their love for us.

You’ll notice at some point this summer that we are having more work done on our parking lot as we do every year. With two large lots, it’s a challenge to keep them in good shape since the winter can take their toll on them as well as the daily traffic. We will be having sections of the lot on the school side of the church repaired, including the entrance off of Broadview and the section that connects the school and rectory lots. They will also fill in the area where we had our mobile unit and repair a couple of the drains that have sunken in.

Soon you’ll also notice some new benches at the shrine of Mary which were purchased through the generosity of a parishioner. We bought them in Amish country & they are made out of recycled plastic (good for the environment) & will not fade in color. They are so durable that they can be left out during the winter months (for those who like to sit on snow-covered benches in the bitter cold of know, for penance). While hard to describe, the back part of these benches can easily be folded up to act as a table. Please feel free to make use of this shrine area whenever you please. We hope to do more landscaping in this area in the future so that it can be a beautiful place of serenity and prayer.