Pastor's Column

Congratulations to Aaron Highberger & Megan Kozelka (from St. Leo's) who are getting married this weekend. May they live out their marriage in faith and in love.

We also extend our prayers to Cooper Wilson who will be making his First Holy Communion at the 11am Mass this Sunday. He will not be able to join with his class next Saturday, May 6, when they receive the Eucharist for the first time at the 4pm Mass. We look forward to celebrating this special occasion with Cooper and the rest of the 2nd graders.

We received a number of applicants for the Principal position of our Parish School but based on the positive feedback I received from the Office of Education in the Diocese of Cleveland and from Sister Erin, I interviewed one candidate in particular who seemed to have wonderful qualifications based on her resume. After meeting her in person and inquiring more into her experience and desire to become a part of the St. Leo community, I was happy to offer her the position. Her name is Denise Burns and she has been a teacher (in several grades) at St. Peter School in Lorain for many years. She has also been the Director of the Extended Day Care Program at St. Joseph in Amherst, where I had been assigned many years ago. Denise has spoken with Sr. Erin and they have already begun to work together to provide a smooth transition when Sister's time here ends at the end of June and Denise officially begins July 1st. Sister has pledged to be of assistance to Denise at any time, even during the next school year. And I know that Sr. Erin will also hand over an administration that is extremely well organized and ready for a new principal to assume easily. Sister will address the parish in the next month or so through the bulletin and Denise will be able to be introduced to the parish in August. As we thank Sister Erin for the great work she has done during the last couple of years, we also extend a warm welcome to Denise Burns as she joins us in our mission of providing an excellent education in the atmosphere of faith.

On this third Sunday of Easter, we remember that we need a full 50 days to celebrate our joy in resurrection of Christ and in the promise of our own resurrection because of him. We will continue to see the beautiful flowers in the sanctuary, wear white & gold vestments, and sing Alleluia in our Easter hymns. I hope that these weeks will find you drawing closer to God in personal prayer, in our public liturgy and worship, and in acts of charity.