Pastor's Blog for December 31, 2017

As we are about to embark on a new year, Father Vesely & I offer you our prayers and wishes for a very Happy & Holy New Year. On January 1st the Church always celebrates the feast of Mary, the Mother of God. It is usually a holy day of obligation but since it falls on a Monday this year, we will celebrate the feast without the obligation to attend Mass. So Mass on Monday morning will be at our usual time at 7:30am.

While most of us end this year with gratitude and joyful hearts, we remember that some people are experiencing sadness and loss. Such is the case with a parishioner, Chuck Rooks, whose wife Denise passed away on December 15th. I spoke with Denise about a year & a half ago and anointed her when she learned of her cancer. Last Christmas I received a card from them letting me know that the cancer was in remission so they were of course very grateful and relieved. But the cancer returned and became untreatable. I visited with Denise before I left on vacation and anointed her and gave her the Eucharist. She was a delightful person who worked at our parish festivals a few years ago along with her husband Chuck. Please remember her and Chuck in your prayers as I promised you would at her funeral December 21st.

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to give you a report on the festival but it takes several weeks before all invoices are in and all of the expenses have been paid. But I’m really happy to report that we net $25,872! Last year our net profit was $19,475 which means we made $6,397.00 more than we did last year. That’s incredible. We can only attribute this to the sacrifice of time and the hard efforts of everyone who participated in the festival this year, whether as a planner, worker or spender! I know how much time and effort this takes and so am very grateful to everyone who made it happen in some way, but especially to the Festival Team who were able to plan not only a profitable event but an enjoyable experience by many in our parish and by visitors to our parish. May God bless everyone who contributed in any way to this annual event.

And before we officially end this year, I want to thank Fred Borkey for the delicious donuts he provides for us at the end of (almost) each month from his business Jack Frost Donuts. He gave me a plaque expressing gratitude for all a Pastor does for the Parish but I wish I had one to give all of you for all you do for Father Vesely & I throughout the year. This is a good time for me to let you know how much we appreciate your prayers, support and the sharing of your gifts. Now back to the donuts that gave me the energy to write this last column of the year...