Pastor's Column for November 5, 2017

Delores Fine, whose funeral Mass was on October 23rd, was 94 years old. She was a member of St. Leo’s Seniors and would often bring jewelry she was no longer using to give it away to someone whom she thought might appreciate it. She was described by her family as a “giver.” May she now receive from the Lord who allowed her the grace to give.

Florence Bacso had been a parishioner here since the 50’s. She and her husband and two sons lived in a house directly behind (or in front of?) our church. Her sons Douglas & Thomas continue to be members of our parish. Though Florence was baptized Catholic, she had not received the sacraments of the Eucharist or Confirmation when younger so she took “instructions” prior to being married to her husband, and they were married for 66 years. Florence was blessed with 95 years of life and at her funeral on October 24th, we prayed that she may now have eternal life in heaven.

Paul Provenzale, 89, was devoted to his family. He also responded to the Lord’s call to serve our neighbor as he delivered Meals on Wheels to the Old Brooklyn Senior Citizens. He served in the Korean War and was the recipient of the Purple Heart Award. Paul had been a parishioner for the last 8 years and we extend our sympathies to his children and grandchildren. His funeral Mass was on October 27th.

On that same day we also had a funeral Mass for Leonard Schmidt (his wife joked that we shared the same last name except that I spelled it wrong!). Leonard and Kathleen were married for 56 years and have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Lenny was remembered for his sense of humor which he would use when you would least expect it. As a mail carrier, he would make over 480 deliveries a day when he worked prior to his retirement. He converted to Catholicism when he married his wife Kathleen. We pledge our prayers to her and to Lenny.

Finally we extend our condolences to Ramon Cortez on the death of his mother, Felicisima, whose funeral Mass was celebrated by a Filipino priest last Saturday. God’s peace to them.

We extend our congratulations to Katharine Toman & Dale Gobel who are to be married here next Saturday. May they have a long and fruitful marriage.

If you missed receiving a bulletin from a couple of weekends ago, we found the ones that went missing & have them available. Please see one of the ushers.

A lightening strike took out a large limb from one of the trees we had in the front of the school building. That limb fell on power lines which the city repaired very promptly. Unfortunately the whole tree needed to be taken down since it was rotted on the inside. Another power pole on the opposite end of the property also broke as a result of the storm but again was repaired quickly. At least Michaela is happy that there is one less tree for the squirrels to escape to when she’s out for her daily walk.