Pastor's Column for November 26, 2017

We prayed for Janet Rosby during the funeral services for her last week. And we continue to extend our prayerful support to the members of her family. She was very religious and was able to spend her last days at Holy Family Hospice on State Road. She was anointed by the chaplain there and I prayed the last rites for her. She was grateful to be helped by these prayers of the Church. May they speed her to God’s peace.

While the repair work on our HVAC in the church is completed, there is still some work to be done on the computer system which controls it so the temperature in the church may fluctuate a little bit but hopefully you will find it to be neither too cold nor too warm. Personally I like the cooler temperatures of the low 60’s but I know that the thinning of blood for some people makes those temperatures feel like they are in Alaska. But I try to get just the right balance to make as many people as comfortable as possible. At least we know that the repairs will allow us to stay warm as these cooler days approach. I’d hate to have a bonfire in the church to keep us from freezing. They can be really messy.

I was very grateful to be at the retreat for priests which took place at the Jesuit Retreat House on State Road in Parma. That has been one of the treasures of the Diocese for many decades. Amazingly, they have several acres of land which are hidden in the middle of Parma where many deer can be seen living in the woods. They just added a new wing which is both practical and beautiful. You may want to check out their website at They host the PreCana program which engaged couples participate in as part of their premarriage preparation and they hold several retreats and conferences there throughout the year. You may want to just take a reflective walk through their woods or just sit in the quiet & peaceful atmosphere there. But do take advantage of this place of prayer and spiritual refreshment if you get the chance.

I ask you frequently to remember the sick and homebound parishioners in your prayers and today I would ask you to especially pray for my brother-in-law Mike. By the time you read this (as I type it on November 15th), he will have had quadruple bypass surgery. His very serious heart disease took him and my sister by surprise and I know many of you are aware of how illness affects so many different aspects of our lives. It brings fear and worry as we are reminded of the fragility of life. Would you say a prayer for him right now so that I can tell him of your support? My sincere thanks.