Homily...Jesus as Lawgiver?

On Friday I watched the tens of thousands of people walk in the March to Life annual gathering in Washington D.C. Given our "culture of death" as St. John Paul II called it, I hope to begin adding my voice and my presence to this March for Life next year. I never feel that I do or say enough when it comes to pro-life issues though I firmly believe in God our Creator and in the sanctity of all human life.

But it does cause me pause to consider how effective these efforts are in changing the law which has legalized abortion. Would the cause be better served in the long run by a sincere effort not only to change the law (which is good & necessary), but to enter into conversation with others about why we believe life begins at conception and to discuss how we as a country can better value all human life, from the unborn to those born into poverty, illness or injustice. 

Even if the law against abortion were changed tomorrow, we would still have the much harder work of helping others to change their minds & their hearts. As we become older, perhaps the beatitudes of the New Testament become more important than the commandments of the Old Testament. Jesus did not come as a lawmaker. He came to persuade us rather than command us. He came to help us change not only our behavior but our attitudes. We are blessed when we are meek and merciful and when we try to be peacemakers even when persecuted for the sake of righteousness.