Pastor's Column

     This is, of course, the first day of the year, the first Sunday of the year, and the first Sunday with our revised Mass schedule. Those of you who normally attended the 10am or 12pm Mass on Sunday & who now plan on attending the 11am Mass will likely see many people you have not seen before. My only fear is knowing that most people seem to prefer to sit in the same seat every time they come to Mass. So do I! But luckily, I have never had to fight anyone for my seat! So what to do when someone beats you to the pew you usually sit in? Well, you have to give them some credit for getting here before you! Are you upset that they got here first & claimed your favorite place to sit? Then come earlier next week so you can reclaim your throne. (This is reminding me of the popular show called "Game of Thrones" now that I think of it). In any case, I only ask that you don't sit on anyone's lap. There's plenty of room for everyone even when we combine the usual congregations from the former 10am & 12pm Masses. So let me thank you again for your support in this change. I know it's easy to become accustomed to a particular Mass time and it takes some adjustment to come either an hour later or an hour earlier to Mass. But Father Vesely will be able to concelebrate and not have to worry about the strain on his knees, and I believe we will have a better experience of liturgy as we bring more parishioners together at the same time. Before long it will seem like we've always done it this way.

    We extend our sympathies to Barb Ceccarelli on the death of her mother Doris Pasquino just a few days before Christmas. I prayed with Barb's family the night before she passed away and then again on the day she was waked. May she rest in eternal peace.

    Thanks to everyone who sent or dropped off Christmas cards, cookies & other enjoyable food & drink for Fr. Vesely and myself. Michaela and Abby too. Fr. Vesely & I will probably need bigger Roman collars, Michaela a larger collar (hers isn't Roman though) & Abby won't be able to climb Christmas trees any more. But Lent always follows Christmas and for good reason so we'll get back in shape then. In any case, accept our collective gratitude.

    Finally, every family is welcomed to take home a new 2017 calendar. We ordered more this year so there should be enough to go around. Don't forget to mark in there that you need to come to Mass earlier so you'll win the Game of Thrones. We have some calendars in the Rectory Office too in case you forget to get one in the church. We hope you're enjoying the Christmas gift we gave out last week. May it help you begin the New Year right.