Pastor's Column for September 25, 2016

       This past week I met with some of the members of the Knights of Columbus who presently have a building just a few blocks north of us on Broadview Road. They are the Brooklyn-Parma Council and have been there since 1935. The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic organization of men and their families who socialize, grow in their faith and serve the Church. This particular "K of C" Council is looking to move to another location since their aging building is requiring more & more expensive repairs. They have asked if St. Leo the Great can become their new home and parish affiliation and we are very happy to welcome them here. They will use the Great Room in the Parish Community Center for their twice-monthly meetings and will also be able to make use of the basement of that building, especially for displaying pictures of past Grand Knights and using some of the storage space available there. They in turn will be supporting our parish by their willingness to help with parish activities. They have been financially supportive as well, for example through their recent donation toward our Parish Festival next month. It's going to be a relationship that will be good for them and for us and we welcome them to our space and to our community as together we seek to grow in faith and good works. 

    Just another reminder that we have our Flu Clinic after all the Masses this weekend so be sure to stop in the vestibule to recieve your shot & protect yourself as we enter the flu season very soon. 

    Our sympathies to Rhonda Richlovsky whose father, Richard Dolejs, passed away recently. Rhonda's mother also died a few months ago & we know how difficult it is to lose our parents in death. Please remember them in your prayers.

    Michaela has a birthday on Monday...she'll be 28! They grow up so fast. It seems like just yesterday she was 21. (I'm speaking of course in human years so she'll actually be 4 years old in dog years). Now that she's a mature woman, I can see that she has taken on the responsibilities of an adult whose job is to protect the rectory staff from all enemies foreign and domestic who come to the rectory office. She barks (never bites) to alert us to potential danger & to give a warning to all who enter that she alone will approve of them or not. So if you give her a little pat on the head she'll probably give you the green light if you come to the office. But you know what Shakespeare said about a woman's scorn so be sure to stay on her good side.