Pastor's Column

     Frank Gagliardi was well known by several people who attend the 4pm Mass on Saturday. He was a proud Italian and a faithful Catholic. He was very much loved by his large family and one of his grandson's spoke so well about how much he was admired, as he also sang a verse of Amazing Grace after Communion. Frank gave rides to parishioners & friends who just needed someone's help and their company. May he rest in peace and receive his reward. 

    Congratulations to the two couples being married this weekend: Matthew Burkett & Valerie Cortez and Kyle Seminatore & Stephanie Sitko. We pray for them as they begin their married lives and thank them for beginning their marriage in the atmosphere of faith. 

    Again we welcome the choir back to the 10am Mass. You can hear the amount of time & effort they put in preparing for their ministry and we are grateful that they are using the gift of music God has given them. Want to join them? See Mickey Stitt or Julie Slattery after Mass. 

    Next weekend we will have the flu clinic present after all the Masses so that you can get your flu shot conveniently. I'd be happy to give you the shot myself but I don't think I'm allowed. I'll have to find something else fun to do. 

    Last week we had our first all school Mass since I was away when they began in August. As Sister Erin announced a few weeks ago, we have over 240 students this year and many new faces. Our preschool is full as well and students in both buildings are making good use of the many improvements we worked on over the summer months. 

    I normally don't advertize open positions in the parish bulletin, but we are looking for some temporary part-time help in the maintenance department, perhaps for a high school or college student, but it's not limited to them. See me after Mass or call me if you'd like more information. 

    We're glad that many of you are finding it convenient to use the Information Desk in the vestibule of the church after our weekend Masses. There is much that they can help you with and the rectory receptionist there is happy to give you information. Now the information is limited to parish-related things so they can't give you directions to Jack Frost Donuts (though everyone knows where they're at anyway) or tell you the meaning of life. But they'll help you in any way they can so feel free to see if they can save you a trip to the rectory office.